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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> hope so. thank you both. appreciate it. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. dana is sitting in for greta tonight to go on the record. dana, take it away. >> tonight one-on-one with mitt romney, greta heads to israel for a sit down with the republican presidential candidate >> i think we have to execute all of the political, economic and diplomatic measures that are possible for the world to put pressure on iran, to have them understand what it means to be crippled economically, diplomatically by virtue of their nuclear ambitions. but at the same time we recognize that if down the road these sanctions are in effective that we have other options and it's unacceptable to america and for the world tore iran to become to nuclear nation. >> i'm greta. mitt romney spends the weekend in israel talking tough on iran and trying to get his foreign
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policy presidentials. how did he do? here's a wonderful personal friend and advise for for george w. bush, dick morris. thanks are for being here. >> you her his comments and from your experience in the different administrations you worked in, is there any date between what he said and stated u.s. policy? >> no, i think it was a very clear statement of what has been u.s. policy under president bush and president obama. he, of course, said that when he was overseas he would not try to pick a fight with president obama's foreign policy but would try to be supportive and i think he was true to his word. i thought it was a very clear explanation what have we are trying to do, which is to put pressure on the iranian regime so they will give up this effort to get a nuclear weapon, and to convince the iranian people that it is the policy of this regime in pursuing nuclear weapons that is the result of all the pain that they are suffering. that's been u.s. policy, and i think the governor articulated
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it very clearly. >> one of the things that you used to tell me is that the worst thing you can do is put a president in a position of having to make a decision about whether or not to have to preemptively strike, and this in this case iran. can you tell me a little bit more about why you think that's true? >> well, we talked -- look. the use of military force would have enormous consequences for our relationship with iran and within the region. and what we used to say is what you would like to do is a void a situation where a president has only two choices, either to accept an iran with a nuclear weapon oroto use military force. so an effort has been made, through all the things gov. romney described, to see if there's an alternative way of resolving this situation. but you know, it's good for the governor to reaffirm this policy. president obama used to say that iran with a nuclear weapon was unacceptable. president obama said the united states would act to prevent
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that. gov. romney really reiterated and used both of those words on his trip. and i think the important message to the iranian regime is that if it gets down to the point where it's either accept a nuclear weapon or to use military force, they ought to do some serious thinking. because i think two presidents and now a presidential nominee have made it very clear that iran with a nuclear weapon is simply not on. >> last question on this before we move on to the sequestration issue. in your opinion are the sanctions against iran working? >> you know, it's hard to say. i've talked to members of the administration. i've read what is in the press, and i think the answer is that it is an aggressive set of sanctions. the administration has done pretty well in building on what the bush administration left them, but really going further than that. i think they are having an effect, but the question really
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is not are they having an effect, but are they having enough of an effect to change the policy of this regime. and what i'm afraid we have to say is not so far. >> all right. coming up, there's going to be -- we are going to have greta's interview with mitt romney so everybody will want to stick around for that. in the meantime can i ask you another question, which is only in washington could they come up with a word like sequestration that actually has a very important meaning and senator mccain talked about that today. i want to listen to this and get your thoughts on it. >> this requires presidential leadership. no matter who or what is responsible, the president of the united states is commander in chief. he's the only one. and if these impact have the devastating effects that secretary pennetta and all our uniformed leaders say he should be in there, he should be talking with us, he should be leading and he's mia. >> go back to when we worked together in the bush
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administration and we would sit down and say what are they talking about it, help me explain it. help me explain to the american people who john mccain is talking about. >> about a year or sing a a budget control act was adopted. it was part of the effort to raise the debt ceiling. there were a lot of spending cuts that were part of that deal to raise the debt ceiling, but it was also agreed that the congress would try to find additional spending cuts of about $1.2 trillion over ten years. there would be a special committee assigned to develop those cuts, but if they could not reach agreement on 1.$2 trillion in cuts over ten years, then it was agreed those cuts would be taken in federal spending, 50% from defense, 50% from the domestic side. that means a cut of $600 billion in defense over ten years, and that's on top of cuts of that
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already been made of about $500 billion. so that is a huge cut in the defense budget if sequestration were to go through and those $600 billion of cuts taken, if you protect salaries of our men and women in uniform, it's a 13-plus% cut in the defense budget. that's a lot of systems, a lot of programs, and a lot of jobs will be cut at a time when the economy can't stand it, and when the united states needs a strong military abroad. that's what people are worried about. >> the house armed services committee chairman will have a spot in the washington post tomorrow where he talks about this is not something that just happens on january 3rd, 2012, actually because of businesses involved in the defense industry have to give notice to their employees, it could start affecting people within the next couple of months. >> it could. and one of the things that
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secretary pennetta has been made very clear on, he can sustain the current defense strategy if anything like those level of cuts are made. so a solution has to be found. we cannot sustain these additional defense cuts. but he also have to solve our overall fiscal problem. we are going to have to deal with the entitlements program. the biggest national security challenge we face is to get our economy growing, our people back to work, and get our fiscal situation in hand. it undergirds everything we do overseas and it is going to underminus overseas if we don't get our fiscal house in order. >> this is why people are paying attention and starting to get concerned, maybe alarmingly so. congress can't agree on a mother's day resolution so what gives you hope and optimism, which i know you always are, why are you optimistic they could come to a solution now before the sequestration were to
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happen? >> by legislation. there are a whole series of things that will happen at the end of this year and into january. expiration of tax cuts, other spending cuts. if you add them all together, they would have a huge impact on the deficit, which could be good. but it also is estimated to take maybe up to three points off our gross domestic product. in the last quarter we are only growing by 1.5%, that means pushing the country back in recession. no politician ought to want that. therefore my hope is that all these automatic things that will occur in january will cause the congress to say, wait a minute, we need to do this in an orderly way. we need to address our budget deficit in a more responsible way. and that's the opportunity that congress is really going to have after the 1st of the year. >> thank you so much for your insight. i appreciate you being on. thank you. >> nice to be here. >> all right.
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so -- i'm sorry. so he's not even wheels down on domestic soil but gov. romney's domestic policy trip is already coming under fire. a spokesperson saying he's been fumbling the foreign policy football from country to country. but others say the president is the one botching the play. saying, quote, u.s.-israeli relations has been strained by the obama administration support for our long-standing ally. we are joined by bob mcdonald. thanks so much for being here, sir. >> thanks, dana. >> tell me a little bit about why you think president romney has strained relations with the u.s. community? >> president obama? >> excuse me. >> you are 100 days ahead but i'm thinking the same way, dana. >> sorry, president obama.
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your position is they have strained relationships with the israelis as well as the jewish community here in america. tell us more about that. >> i think it's obvious about the meetings with benjamin netanyahu what has happened when he's in the united states and in new york, people in the jewish community are concerned about the approach this president has taken which has been very equivocal for our strongest ally in the mideast and one of our strongest allies for freedom and peace for democracy in the world and that's israel. 8 million people, surround by people who oftentimes attack their values and attack them physically, and yet they have accomplished an incredible amount of the start-up nation. so this is the kind of thing we ought to be supporting and appreciating and constantly supporting and i don't think the president has done that. i think he's been quey give cal. and no wonder we have the concern. i was there last year and had
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the opportunity with president perez and some of the other leaders and their love for america is deep and strong. we ought to return that and shore up our support for israel. >> it's no surprise that the obama campaign would criticize gov. romney on his trip, but from what you hear amongst republicans, do you think that the trip was worth it, a plus, a negative? what do you think? >> absolutely. he's meeting with some of our strongest allies, the united kingdom and israel and now on to poland. i think it's important for the man i hope will be the leader of the free world here in the next couple of months to engage with world leaders, show them that he's got the command of the issues, but more importantly that he extends his ongoing hand of friendship with some of our best allies in the mideast and europe. so i think it's been good. naturally the obama administration is going to do everything they can to shift the issues from debt and deficit, jobs and the economy, to other
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things. so it's always easy to capitalize on little statements that might have been made, but overall i think mitt romney is engaging with world leaders. he's talking to them about the friendship that the united states will continue to have under a romney administration. as soon as he gets back in a couple days he will be back focusing on jobs and economy which will determine who wins this election. >> governor, if this whole politics thing doesn't work out, you would be great in television because that's the switch i was trying to get to, domestic politics. you have rising unemployment in again you turn out a budget surplus in the state of virginia. >> yeah, we were blessed today to announce our third consecutive surplus, about $130 million. about $1.1 billion over the last couple years, unemployment is down to 5.7% which is lowest in the southeast. but it's making government work the same way people manage their checkbooks or businesses manage their books. you've got to make tough
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decisions, you have to be honest with people and tell them what you can and can't afford. you have to balance your budget which every governor in the country has to do, unlike washington where they kick the can down the road, print money and make excuses. that's opposite of what the governors have to do. you see people like chris christie, scott walker, others around the country doing the same thing. pro business environment, make tough decisions, cut spending, live within your means and get your economy back to work by creating jobs and supporting entrepreneurs. it's not that hard a formula, it's worked in virginia and i think it can work in kentucky. >> you are a battleground state. he wants to capture it in 2012. a lot of jobs in northern virginia has to do with deposit or a government related entity. do you think partly cloudy will spend a lot of time in virginia trying to convince people that got economy they are seeing is actually a result of his policy? >> absolutely.
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i think he's getting extra points at marriott and hilton right now from all his stays in virginia. we've seen quite a bit of him, and same with mitt romney. it's clearly a battleground state. the president ran a great campaign in 2008. it was about change, he raised a lot of money and appealed to the independent voters, the new voters in virginia. dana, i think this is a different rodeo this time around. that hope and change message is now division and fear and recession. it's blaming other people. it's not taking responsibility. and there's no leadership. i can tell you still in virginia we've got, even though a low unemployment rate, i still have about 225,000 people without jobs. and as good as we are doing, we would be doing a lot better with a romney administration that understand limited government, would keep the eta in check, would promote energy growth, and would have the tax and regulatory policies that will help virginia and entrepreneurs around the country get back to
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work. that's why we need a change. we tried president obama's policies. nice guy, good family man, he worked hard. the policies didn't work so eats time for a change in virginia and for the country. >> one of the big changes over the past several years has been the rise of the tea party. many people thought after the 2010 success that the tea party sort of fizzled out. but i'm curious what you are seeing in virginia. we will be talk to rick klein of virginia a little later about the texas senate race in which the tea party has been strong again. what impact do you think it's having in virginia this time around? >> i was the beneficiary in 2009 before there was an official tea party. i was with chris christie in new jersey. with that enthusiasm in '09, president obama won by 7 there and i won by 18 the next year. we saw the rise of the tea party maybe without a name but they were engaged. they wanted to help restore federalism. it was a push back against the dramatic overreach of the obama administration. when they should have been focused on jobs and the economy
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and energy and leadership, they focused on reforming healthcare and bureaucratic takeovers and for government recommendation. just the opposite what mitt romney will do for the country starting in january of next year. i see them engaged in a dramatic way. you see in the policy recently about a 23% swing in intensity. and dana, i feel it on the ground in virginia. the workers, we've made a million calls in the last three months. a number of offices open. people want to work. because they still believe in the american dream and that's what 24 is all about. president obama wants to have more entitlements and a nation of guarantees. we want to have a nation where you use your god given talents to pursue the american dream and you can be anything you want to be. that's still america, and that's why people are inspired to get out and work this time. >> governor, thank you so much nor being a part of this show tonight. >> okay, dana. thanks very much. >> all right. straight ahead, the fight over taxing the rich. it's reach the fever pitch but
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do voters even care? doug schoen joins us. and also presidential candidate mitt romney sits down with greta. what sort of military role would he take with iran if elected president? plus don't mess with texas, or rather don't mess with the tea party in texas. a big showdown in the lone star state that will be making headlines coast-to-coast and includes governor palin and gove organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organic kale... does your cauliflower have a big carbon footprint? not at all. that's great. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. uhh... mr. gallagher. incoming!!! hahaha! it's wasteful. you know jimmy. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> shoe we be taxing the rich? according to you, who cares? a new poll shows when americans are asking what is important to them, jobs is one and reducing
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the federal deficit and dead last was increasing taxes on wealthy americans. so what does that mean for the tax debate on capitol hill? we have doug schoen, former clinton advisor. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> when i saw in this morning, the gallop poll, i thought i want to ask doug schoen. >> thank you. >> take us back to the clinton administration. tried the class warfare and then you changed tactickings. >> right. before we got there he had raised taxes. biggest tax increase in history. and we said to the president, we are to run on a balanced budget, fiscal conservatism and reducing the debt otherwise we can't be re-elected. >> and you said the highest priority is raising taxes on individuals making over $250,000 a year and then you see a poll like this, does it concern you
10:22 pm
at all? >> it should. because raising taxes on the rich is popular. everybody wants somebody else to pay taxes. i tell people it's the equivalent of cotton candy. tastes great but not much there. it sounds great but it doesn't reduce the debt or deficit and it doesn't do anything to change corruption in washington. >> the number two thing on the list was corruption in government. >> right. >> which kind of surprised me. i'm not sure if people were thinking about a specific incident like a solyndra or gma thing or just in general? the distrust and dislike of government is so strong. >> i think it's the distrust and dislike of government generally. i think both campaigns, bluntly, are not speaking to the issues the american people care about. both campaigns having distanced themselves from politics as usual, lobbyists and campaign contributors who seek influence and the american people i think are fed up, bottom line. >> i think so too. let me ask you about that. the number of undecided at this
10:23 pm
point in the election is lower than previous presidential elections. why do you think that is and if you were advising the obama campaign, what would you tell them to do? >> i think we have a low number of undecideds because which are so polarized. independents have been pulled apart. there are maybe five, seven percent undecided. these are results-oriented people. they want to know what's going to be done to create jobs, to grow the economy and get america moving. they want to hear what neither candidate is talking about, which is pro growth policies, stimulating the economy and doing what the american people need wishes is to get us moving, not playing politics, not class warfare, and not supporting policies that won't work. >> is there a time in a campaign like this that there are such big machines, can you actually make a pivot at this point, 99 days to the election? >> it's very difficult. we did it in the spring of 1995 with bill clinton. we did it in the customer of '96
10:24 pm
when he supported welfare reform. bottom line, the obama campaign last week started doing some positive advertising, talking generally about his vision but i would say, dana, gov. romney has to do it. he has to talk about his vision, he has to talk about creating jobs. if he doesn't, i think it's going to severely hurt his campaign. >> and negative campaigning, there's an article in the new york times this weekend about how the obama campaign is taking a gamble because in 2008 it was hope and change which a lot of people liked that message, and this year it feels negative on both sides. but people say they don't like negative advertising, but it does work. >> it certainly works. the obama campaign is doing it because the president's approval is below 50. it's 46 or 47. bottom line, a majority of the american people are not satisfied with his job performance. they are trying to make mitt romney more unacceptable, and as we sit here today they are succeeding. the american people also believe that romney will be better on the economy than obama, so they
10:25 pm
are torn. but bottom line, unless the american people hear a positive pro growth strategy to create jobs, stimulate the economy, they are going to be just as frustrated on election day as they are now. >> and what's the risk, that they don't turn out? >> the risk is that they don't turn out or alternatively that an electorate that wants change, that wants a new president says we will stick with president obama because we just haven't heard anything from governor romney that makes us feel that we have an alternative. >> so sitting here today, if you were the romney campaign, how much time do you have before you need to make a serious move? >> i think they need to move sooner rather than later. they are probably waiting for the convention but if i was sitting with them i would say you can't wait, just running negative ads on the president won't work, you need to pivot and pivot quickly to a positive strategy. >> does that mean he should announce his vice presidential pick sooner? >> i think he should announce the vice president. go on the road with clear
10:26 pm
principals and a vision where to lead america. >> ice almost august. mitt romney talks in his interview with greta about his vice presidential choices. >> that's right. he's got three or four credible choices. one you just had on, governor mcdonald. i think he's a good candidates, as is rob port man from ohio, tim pawlenty and marco rubio. but bottom line, the republicans have yet to articulate a clear view, a clear vision and a direction for the country. governor romney has to change and he's got to change quickly because as nervous as the obama people are, their campaign is working. you are right, dana, negative ads work. >> all right. thank you, doug. >> thank you. >> coming up, greta sits down with mitt romney in israel. what does he think about iran and what would he do if elected president. and plus the tea party versus the establishment. a texas size showdown is attracting big names. attracting big names. rick klein will join [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person,
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a great guest rating. >>and save big >>thanks negotiator. wherever you are. ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator? >> mitt romney is overseas with stops in the middle east. greta sat down with him at the king david hotel in jerusalem. t to be with us.or being here. >> and we are reporting that the united states national security advisor done lynn is over here and he was briefing prime minister netanyahu on a possible
10:31 pm
strike. i'm wondering if you have a sense that we are closer to war -- or israel is closer to war with iran? >> i understand that there are also reports that that is not exactly what happened when the national security advisor was here. so we will have to let the national security advisor and the israeli government tell us exactly what happened. but that being said, i think we know that we are closer to seeing iran becoming a nuclear nation than we were several years ago. i happen to speak at a conference five years and laid out steps i thought were necessary to dissuade iran from becoming nuclear. it's taken a long time. some of those steps are just now being put in place and we hope that those nonmilitary options will be effective in keeping iran from taking a course which would require other options. >> i guess the reason i was a little suspicious is because the prime minister said to you this morning, we have to be honet and
10:32 pm
say all the sangs and diplomacies so far have not set back the iranian program one eye oat two. i saw that as the prime minister saying iran is moving forward and the sanctions aren't working, nothing it working and basically you are giving us a hint this may be closer than we thought. >> i can't speak for the prime minister, but i can tell you that i think we have to execute all of the political, economic and diplomatic measures that are possible for the world to put pressure on iran, to have them understand what it means to be crippled economically, diplomatically biovar sue of their nuclear ambitions, but at the same time we recognize that if down the road these sanctions are in effective that we have other options and it is unacceptable to america and to the world for iran to become a nuclear nation. >> how do we make the nation when we are down the road? the american people are a little bit, i suspect, worried about intelligence. we had the problem with no weapons of mass destruction in
10:33 pm
iraq after intelligence president bush thought there were weapons of mass destruction, and tony blair, and everything thought there were but that turned out wrong. how do you identify when you are at that point down the road with satisfaction? >> your only sources are, of course, your intelligence, the iaea inspectors and foreign intelligence as well that are well-connected with the sourcess and data that give us that information. i don't imagine you are ever 100% certain but there are three parts that have to come together for iran to have a nuclear capability of a military nature. enriched material that they could create a bomb or bombs and second a is weaponization system and third if it was launched by rocket, it was the kind of rocket that would take it someplace to do the greatest damage. the intelligence community has to look at all three of those sources and qualify us the best
10:34 pm
information possible. that's something the president of the united states will have access to and ultimately will have to make the decision as to when and whether iran is about to become nuclear. >> if you are elected president and if it's down the road at that point, and israel decides it's got to go, it's got to move, and the united states stands by with israel, always has, would we be standing by through the president as supporting them, form, in the u. n. and statements or will we take a more active military role or support role? >> i don't want to be highly specific as to the nature you are of our military options down the road. i think it suffices to say that israel has a right to defend itself. it is also true that our president has said, and i agree, that it is unacceptable for the united states for iran to become a nuclear power and that suggests, again, as our administration has also said, that we have all options on the table. those include military options.
10:35 pm
exactly how they would be exercised and who would exercise them in what way, that's something which we don't want to signal to anybody else and i certainly would not want to make foreign policy on foreign soil in any way and try to distinguish myself from the views of that already been expressed by our government. >> is there any indication, sanctions as far as you know, and i realize you maybe have a little bit more access to information, but looking at what we know, any idea the sanctions are having a real impact so you have a sense of confidence that they may work out? >> in the meetings i've had, not only here and israel, but also leaders in the u. k. and with briefing from individuals in the united states who follow the development in the middle east at close range, there is the suggestion that the economic sanctions, particularly some of those put in place by europe where they have really tightened the screws very aggressively, that those economic sanctions are having a significant impact
10:36 pm
on the economy of iran. has that dissuaded them from their nuclear program? i don't believe so. i don't, again, have inside top secret in that regard. you did hear from the prime minister and he doesn't believe it's dissuaded them from their nuclear course but it has had an impact on their economy. >> let's go to the conflict in iran and also palestinians, but how would you seek to promote a resolution of that conflict? it's eluded every president, the israeli, palestinian conflict. what should we do? >> the right course is for the palestinians and the israelis to sit down at the table together. the palestinians need to recognize that the course to a two-state solution is not through the united nations or through the united states or through anyone else but through a face-to-face series of
10:37 pm
negotiation was the israelis. that's a process our nation has encouraged. it's one that i believe future presidents would encourage, and i would hope that you would see progress in that regard. but this is not something we will impose from america, this isn't something we will encourage and facility, but it is up to israelis and palestinians to reach their own agreement and to find the two-state solution that we and our allies in israel seek. greta will be back tomorrow night with the rest of her interview with the republican presidential candidate mitt romney. gov. romney will talk about the eu, and that's not all. greta sat down with perez as well. >> let me ask you about iran. will that resolve when you have a situation that this country, israel, so small, threatened by
10:38 pm
ahmadinejad, and everyone wonders if they have weapons. where could you see this going? >> he's endangering the rest of the world. >> and you will see all of that tomorrow night here on "on the record." coming up, a huge test for the tea party. we are all watching to see how much party it will have in november. but we get a sneak-peek tonight. in two minutes we have some exclusive footage for you as mitt romney visits poland. another presidential candidate ends up stealing the show. this video will surprise you and this video will surprise you and it's just a few minut the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash. [ russian accent ] 50% more rubles. eh, eh eh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks. ♪
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waving a huge banner. >> you are for ron paul? >> in poland >> there is a policy that it called right-wing congress. this is exactly the same as in america. the same thing that ron paul says in america is the same thing in poland. we can show people to watch ron paul on youtube. there are dozens and hundreds of movies with ron paul's words and with the subtitles in polish. so we can get to know what his ideas are. there are no difference between obama and romney. but there is a huge difference between ron paul and everybody. e ron paul? for more on the trip check
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so if you're onof those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day, block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zeroeartburn. >> they for looking into a phone number used to make one of the calls. a wal-mart spokesperson says they are taking this matter seriously. opening statements are set to begin on tuesday morning in a san jose federal courtroom for a high-tech legal showdown. the case involves two of the world's top gadget makers, apple claiming the samsung smart
10:44 pm
phones and tablets are illegal knockoffs of the iphone and the ipad. apple is demanding $2.5 bhillion. samsung argues that the technology at issue has been industry standard for years. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to dana. . just how strong is the tea party in texas? we are about to find out in a few hours voters head to the policy in texas for the republican primary run off in that state's open senate seat. ted cruise has grab sarah palin, and senator demint from others. and others a protege of governor rick perry. they will wait to see how much power the tea party has in this race heading into november. and co-host of top line and, rick klein, great to see you again. thanks for being here. >> hi, dane huh. >> why should anyone across the
10:45 pm
country care about what's happening in texas now? >> it's two conservative republicans against each other but the tea party on one side and the establishment on the other. ted cruise is up-and-coming politician. anyone gave him a chance when he entered the rays because the popular lieutenant government was in the race. he had a lot of the establishment on his side but has ted cruise upended expectations. now he is favored going into the voting. it would be a big test for the tea party if they were able to pull it off. it would be a maturation of the tea party movement. >> what was it policy wise or politically that separated him from dewhurst and mad people want to follow him? >> it's really politics even more than policy. both men are staunchly conservatives. there are things around the margin and the lieutenant governor tenure didn't help in a race like this. but ted cruise is a true outsider to the establishment in
10:46 pm
texas. and in a few years now that's been a prized commodity. he has close ties to rick perry and national republicans, does dewhurst, but he became disconnected from the state of texas, it's not that all, but ted cruise is younger, more ambitious, energy on his side and he's made the case he's the true avatar or can personify the values for the tea party in texas. >> rick, from your experience, what can tomorrow in texas tell us, if anything, about what might happen in november? not just in the presidential, but even in the battleground states where some big senate races are happening. >> it tells me really to be careful about misjudging the tea party. just because you don't see them as active as they have been in the last cycle, for instance, doesn't mean they aren't there. a lot of folks are taken by surprise how ted cruise is able to carry this into potential victor dewhurst. it won't matter in states like texas. clearly mitt romney will carry texas. but in a number of states, think
10:47 pm
about ohio, virginia, there could be bubbling up move minutes of citizens that replicate what happened with the tea party two years ago that are out there and ready to pounce and better organized than any of the objective measurements you take on politics would suggest. >> if you had a crystal ball and you could look ahead not just to november in 99 days and the election, but to 2016, what a presidential race that's going to be at this point, right? >> oh, no question. i think, and i think even if mitt romney is able to win in 2012, he's got to be careful about these kind of forces. if you go through establishment, you will be challenged. and the tea party is out there ready to do it. and i think the senate will be a different place if there are more ted cruises in it. we will see a growing contingent, maybe younger, marco rubio, demint a loader, and people who don't have respect for the niceties of the traditional leadership. they feel they have derived
10:48 pm
their power from something else and we will see them growing over the next couple cycles. >> both worked hard to get endorsements from various republicans and conservative leaders. do you think that the endorsements that cruise got actually helped make a difference in this race for him? >> i think they have because they aren't the traditional establishment endorsements. first of all, getting sarah palin on your side in the republicans primary is gold these days and i think jim deminute is another name you want on the list right away. the endorsements he was able to line up as opposed to rick perry and the establishment on the other side getting the support of the national republicans. everyone wants everyone's support in terms of endorsements but you have to question what value the establishment is if it hurts you in a primary. >> what happens after this if you have a situation where you have intra party food fighting. how long does it take to heal and to come back together again and everybody work together pulling in the same direction? >> it helps if you win in the fall and in texas that's not
10:49 pm
going to be an issue. the winne the primary almost certainly is going to be the next senator from the state of texas. what is more difficult like we saw in 2010 like in nevada and delaware and you cost your party a seat, that takes longer to heal. but this is a different breed of senators. the tea party senators aren't going to respect the usual way business has been done in the senate and senate is a tradition-bound place so i think it will take longer for folks like that to figure out the way that the senate works and they may operate differently with this growing contingent. >> rick, thank you for being here. >> thank you, dana. >> straight ahead, a bizarre shark attack and it's all caught on camera a. and also a casting call to end all casting calls and i might just get involved personally in this one. you will see the video. plus don't let your kids watch this segment or they will be begging for you to go to tokyo. that's all next in our best of the rest.
10:50 pm
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>> so you've seen our top stories but here is the best of the rest. this looks like one hungry shark, so hungry it can eat a camera. a photographer was shooting the shark. he started punching on his equipment. i guess we discovered a new breed of shark, the camera vor. and a bad trip for a california six flags. the ride got stuck. where? right at the top, of course. despite the twist and turns the riders were upright when it stopped. when the worker tried to get
10:54 pm
them out, they jammed the coaster and sent the people backwards, but luckily no one was hurt. >> and is that canine the next celebrity? more than 400 dogs lined up for their chance at fame, battling for three spots on the dog tv. a new television network for dogs that was launched in san diego earlier this year. each dog went through a five minute photo shoot to see how photo ready they are. they are cute but have you seen my puppy, jasper? they have nothing on him. talk about a star. and speaking of stars, this tiger cub has already made it. the visitor to the zoo park in japan. she's one of four furry fee leans of that become more famous than rock stars. tickets to feed the cats sold out in three minutes. for others who missed their chance to play with the cubs, well, newborn jaguars, there's two of them, they will debut
10:55 pm
next. there you have it, the best of the rest. >> this is a fox news alert. according to a new report from the l.a. times, congressional investigators say five senior atf officials are found to be responsible for fast and furious. as you know, fast and furious is a botched operation that ended up sending firearms into mexico. weapons connected to fast and furious were found near murdered worried agent brian terry. there's new evidence the atf agents in phoenix first tried to hide important information from the mexican government. coming up, your last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. what's the secret to david letterman's success? letterman's success? you will hear from him next. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours.
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